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&all you've got to do is kill her

12/11/05 10:56 pm

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Very very soon.

i miss you guys.

10/17/05 06:15 pm

Oh Ghey.

10/13/05 06:50 pm - Im running on socks from last week!

oh no,
this couldnt be more unexxxpected.
And i can tell that ive been moving in so slowww.
Dont let it throw you off too far,
cause ill be running right behind you
could this out of line?
to say youre the only one breaking me down like this
youre the only one i would take a shot on,
keep me hanging on,
so contagiously.
When im around you im predicable!
cause i believe in loving you at first sight!
I know its crazy but im hoping to..
to take ahold of you.
oh youre everything im wanting
come to think of it...
im achiiing.
On account of this transgression,
will you welcome this confession?

Whattttttttt? lyrics are my escape! I'm not gunna lie, I'm sorta into working a lot and going to school? The only thing i really do aside from that is hang out randomly for an hour &&then write papers for english and/or speech! I have a surprise hair appointment tomorrow, and i get $PAIIIIID$. Also, tomorrow is MOLLIEAMANDA's birthday. Hello 18! She hasnt talked to me in like a weeek, but i dont care. I still plan on loving her. This entry is backdated.

9/29/05 02:52 pm - im sorry i cant be the whole package

I never know how to start off a new post. BUT since we're on that topic, the m.i.a dance party was amazing. I needed it. And by the looks of my living room, you'd think we're actually moving this time.

What happened to our afternoons in the park?

9/18/05 08:25 pm - matzat152: i cant deal with having a stomache ache anymore

Id appreciate it if all of this would stop.

9/17/05 06:31 pm - Yer Actions Suckkk!

Remember how I said I needed to get organized? I did, and it feels great!!! I cleaned up your mess(my room), got this off my chest, HOWEVER I still have a $50 sweatshirt I never want to wear again...

9/15/05 10:16 am - Hi my name is Pushover.

I don't know if I can handle school anymore! I'm not gonna lie... I don't remember how to make friends or pay actual attention to a lecture! This is getting to be a complete joke. I guess thats my fault though, considering I don't pay attention purposely. &&& I need to spend some time figuring out uhh everything in my life. I'm unorganized, unhappy and messy. It needs to end.


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[I srsly, I don't know, Honestly. I love you.]

9/5/05 02:58 am

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all besides this.

9/5/05 02:21 am

Everyone says it, but I think it has real meaning if I say it.

My lifes a fucking Joke.

9/3/05 11:33 pm

Go fucking figure.

8/31/05 11:39 pm

Whoo! School starts in like, uh.. 12 hours! Now I can join the rest of the girls in the battle of the bitches, HEY HIGHSCHOOL!

Dear Mollie,
I Love You so much, I can't wait to help you move into your dorm, and have real intense movie nights and sleep overs! Its going to be great, no matter what you say or think!

8/26/05 03:49 pm - Hello bacterial infections!

Incase you forgot, I've had Ring Worm for almost four months.

8/21/05 01:26 am - x x x mother fucker

I have a couple things to say in the form of a semi-actual update. I'm into life, you guys, I really am. Sometimes I act like a total downer and I hide from my emotions but the truth is I want to express/be comfortable with myself as much as the next girl. A Genius once said " I just cant do serious", and boy did she speak for the rest of us. What is my deallll? I know what I want, so shouldnt I just go for it?! I need to stop making rash decisions that are just going to hold me back in the long run. I also need to stop wasting my youth. Unfortunately I'm only going to be eighteen once, and not for a very long time...so, I'm ready to take on responsibility, I'm ready to try new things, I'm ready for change.

P.s No one gets me.

P.P.s Someone make sure I'm up before 11am tomorrow. <3Thnx

8/19/05 01:12 pm

I'll do whatever I have to for my girls!

8/19/05 12:40 pm - Nice Job, Crew!

Despite all of the let downs in my life, theres always/finally something that makes everything feel perfect again...<3
ugh, stopbeingagirl..

Lisa, lets wear our best formal gownsssss!

8/17/05 02:06 pm

R.I.P- friendship ring.
12-?-03 ~ 8-17-05
I love you Lisa V.

8/8/05 06:31 pm

One Down,
163 hang outs to go.

i need more of you.

8/2/05 05:42 pm

Summer is winding down guys, lets get this show on the road, eh!?
cedar point

I'm ready for anything!!!!

7/30/05 04:00 pm

Savor Every Moment.

7/23/05 01:54 am

Grad Party [Kegger] @ My House, Today.
Sometime after Four...
Be There, or be


7/15/05 02:12 am - Wow, Talk about being a Piece of Shit.

The thing is, i had to redo the list over
a couple of times cause lisa's computer was being a whack job....
and i made the mistake of forgetting your name
im gay
I'm srsly

i love chris hoobler more than life itself!

7/10/05 10:35 pm

Don't blame me.

I need a hang out with you guys....Stat.
You know who you are.
I think.

7/2/05 11:57 pm

Why cant I just live each day like this?
Not a care in the world
Just the hot sun and cold lake water
SRSLY i need more of this

ill finish those "name" things laterrr

7/1/05 12:26 pm

1. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
2. I will then tell what song reminds me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be.
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I will tell you what color you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.

Sup. These past couple weeks have been amazing. My birthday was sunday, and aside from my usual bad mood it was surprisingly awesome. Afternoon with the family, fireworks with amazing people, then an XXX&OOO all-nighter at mollies. I'm not sure if you know or not, but I srsly love all of you.Thanks for everrrrything! Have I even updated about senior all night party? If I haven't..It was incredible. Life is pretty much incredible. I sleep a lot, but thats going to end asap. I'm going to get healthy, I'm going to get my life on track, and I'm going to live life to its fullest.


6/22/05 11:00 pm - Theres just those certain people you don't care about..

Yeah the day finally came, GRADUATION!! & No, I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. Senior All Night Party was srsly a blast, and graduation was just as cute. However, Driving in the car with my Best Friend listening to Green Day was probably my favorite part of the night. Now, All I'm looking forward to is: getting my apartment with Jacque; hanging out with those friends that actually matter; and finally ending it. Thanks a lot Stevenson, for all the good times.

Hello Summer,
Be Good To Me This Year!
I like you a lot so far!

6/13/05 06:36 pm - I get made fun of for everything I do!

Honestly, who is scared?

I love you.

6/12/05 02:29 am - gradparty=july 23

I know what you're thinking..
You're thinking that I'm gross or something
just because I have a bacterial infection,
but im really not,
So stop with the jokes
stop with the rumors

This is getting rediculous.

6/8/05 08:52 pm

Are you excited for school to end??
Are we going to hang out this summer?

6/7/05 04:37 pm

so, sup guys?

6/7/05 02:36 pm - Unite.

I deleted my last post.

5/30/05 09:44 pm

Hard Target!
Bon Fires!
Braless Summer 05!

All pretty much amazing. But like some people, I'm a little emotionally and physically exhausted, too!

5/23/05 09:39 pm

It feels like I just had a four inch metal rail shot through my chesttt.

5/22/05 04:42 pm - Nice punk party last night.

Thiss week was sweet. Out l8 on school nights, in bed until 2:30pm on the weekends...Life, right?. On the other hand, 77% of the time I'm bummin' over something. I guess things dont always work the way you plan. I've come to the conlusion that I run away from things far to often. I need to learn how to handle my emotions! But I just dont want to deal with it, anymoree.


5/17/05 05:17 pm


5/12/05 09:56 pm

Remember when we used to go on walks every thursday and talk about stuff?
& when we all actually cared about each other,
and consideration was a key factor in our friendships.
fuck you life!!!!!

5/10/05 03:32 pm

I know something you dont know!

5/6/05 01:59 pm - Oh i guess brook was there too

Today, Mollie and myself skipped school, well kind of. Some bad stuff happened but Im not going to go into detail. Its super embaressing. Aside from that we had a ton of fun driving around and wasting gas. I learned a lot at the DIA and saw a whole lotta animals at the Detroit Zoo. Oh, we also stopped by Brooks family resturaunt. Just so you know, they have the best breaded veal. (No offense vegans) After that we went out to west bloomfield and saw kid rocks house. Can you say incredible? Not only did we see his house but Kid Rock Himself was edging the grass! PERFECT TIMGING, RIGHT?!?! We have pictures if you want to see them. Today was srsly amazing. Too bad the other Seniors 05' didn't join us. It was the time of my life.


5/4/05 12:21 pm - Human Wreckage

Its not like I have anything to say...

5/1/05 11:09 am - Geher: Gayer.

I never update, and when I do..it couldn't be any geher. Nice i guess, considering I have so much to say. Er, not really. i eat a lot.

4/25/05 10:57 am

I hope everyone still thinks I'm at school, just avoiding encounters with everyone I know...

Nice, right?

I haven't been to school on a Monday for three weeks. I'd say thats pretty sweet considering I'm not making up the homework I miss and even skipping out on taking quizes and tests....But C'mon, I'm a Senior05! Eff it! <3 Whatever though, its not like Schoolcrafts gunna deny my application or anything...& I'm not going to fail at life either, so no worries.


4/24/05 10:17 pm


4/24/05 10:13 pm

I really love how people update their livejournals and I have something new to read when I hit refresh.....


Take me now, Lord.

4/17/05 02:36 pm

I'm so drunk right now, and life is amazing.
Michigan State here I come!!

4/13/05 08:52 pm

I wish when I started updating a few days ago [Monday], that it would've worked and My true true feelings would've been out in the open! oh, and I wish that I could play frisbee allllllll day long instead of attending school. I also wish that things weren't totally and utterly werid right now.

<3, well peace out life.

4/4/05 10:22 pm

i'd scream this out right in your face if you were here

4/4/05 09:14 pm

My life is changing as rapidly as a wild fire. Its not like its good change either. Whats a girl to do, eh? I'll move on, you'll move on, and life will be normal. Normal? What is normal?? ahh Fuck it! I give up on life. Tonights my last night.

Peace. <3

Oh yeah, I'm at mollies. "Thats not puPPies."

4/3/05 09:54 pm

Dear Lisa,

My toe split this morning while i was in the shower. I thought of you.


Spring break was seriously beautiful. Shocking, I know!

4/1/05 03:21 pm - CHICAGO SB 05!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

chris mojan here, updating from the apple store in chicago. all the weeks of bronzing have finally payed off. we're hoping to make it out to this new club called "navy pier" tonight, if whit can get in that is....

so far we've seen tymm a lot, steve whittico, andy gabrysiak, laura bauer, mr archibald, mandy yu, and ryan buttigieg, but we'll keep you updated.....

outtie 5000!!!!!


3/30/05 10:39 pm - I guess I love Nick and Jessica

When i signed in.. this update sounded like a good idea. I was wrong.

I'm making
it happen.
It feels
like a

gah, Theres so much I want to do before highschool is over and I havent even come close to doing any of them. WTF @ That. I cant believe I'm going to be leaving stevenson in less than three months. Seriously, more like two months left of school. My life is going to consist of work, school, and reruns of the newlyweds. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Anyway, I havent been up to doing anything lately. [let alone those dreams I have to do before highschools over] Ive been tired, cranky and bored. Dont get me wrong, Im having a really sweet springbreak, but if I could only break out of this horrendo mood ive been in, life would be much better.


3/28/05 07:16 pm

Canada today for the first time, ever.
By the way it was wayy cute.
Mollie, Jacque and Myself.
Just doing some good ol'
We ended up at two different malls
then at a park that equaled love.
Maybe a little Canada-action again?

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